D3001 - VAV and Constant Volume for DDC Controls

Submittal Drawings
Product Drawings, Dimensions, Construction Details - D3001-1_B

Performance Data
Recommended Airflow Ranges - PDSD3001AF
ARI Certification and Notes - PDSD3001ARI
Performance Data Explaination - PDSD3001PDE
NC Level Application Guide - PDSD3001NC
Discharge Sound Power Levels - PDSD3001DS
Discharge Sound Power Levels w/3' Attenuator - PDSD3001DS3
Radiated Sound Power Levels - PDSD3001RS

Installation Instruction
Installation and Operation Manual - Analog Electronic Controls - IOM-AECVAV
Installation and Operation Manual - K-Factors - IOM-VAVK
Installation and Operation Manual - IOM_SDTU
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